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The king’s politics lesson at the parliament


Zineb Louh

HM King Mohammed VI gave, on Friday in Rabat, an important speech before members of both houses of Parliament on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the third legislative year of the ninth legislature.
 In his speech, the monarch addressed a strong message to all the parliament’s members. He was explaining to them, in the most fluid, simple and concrete way, how to assume their responsibilities in regards to the citizens that once voted for them.
The king talked about the duties of the members of the parliament in both the national and the local level.
Regarding the national level, the monarch explained the parliamentary mandates. He said “
It involves the representation of the nation. It is a major national mission, and by no means a source of political gains. You must appreciate the magnitude of the lofty mission you entrusted with. It requires dedication, self-denial, true patriotism, and a deep sense of responsibility, in discharging your duties.” 
Then HM the king also clarified the role of the opposition within the parliament “controlling government action, providing constructive criticism, and putting forward realistic suggestions and alternatives, with a view to advancing the high interests of the nation”. 
The monarch then insisted on the balanced cooperation between the parliament and the government stressing that the “parliament should not be turned into an arena for politicking and political wrangling”.
HM the King Mohammed VI talked similarlyabout the parliament duties on the local level and concentrate on the community mandate which is very important since its affects the citizens on their daily life.
The sovereign said on this point “Community councils are responsible for managing the basic public services that are needed by the citizen every day. As for the government, it has a duty to lay down public policies and sectorial plans, and to work for their implementation. It is not up to the minister to provide water, electricity, public transport. Nor is it his responsibility to cater for good quality roads, clean facilities within the community, the district or the city. These are rather the duties of those who hold elected office at community-level, with their constituencies. They are accountable before those who voted for them.” HM the King gave as well examples of cities that arebadly managed by their community councils such as it is the case for Casa Blanca and urged them to work on problems that are endured by the citizens of the economic capital which should be an international financial hub.
When I was hearing those worlds while watching the speech throughmy screen, I felt amazed, proud and afraid. Amazed because I was seeing a king giving a politics lesson of high level to the members of a parliament in front of the entire nation, proud of having this king, and afraid for those elected members who have a huge responsibility and no more chance to hide from it.
The last part of the royal speech was none of less importance than the others. The monarch enlightened the duty of the parliamentmembers in regards of the Sahara issue. In an emotive, sincere and serious way, HM the King sent a last call urging them to take initiatives concerning our national cause rather than counter attacking our enemies: “The situation is a difficult one…it is henceforth the parliament’s duty to lay down a comprehensive and effective plan of action.” The sovereign also said “The Sahara issue is not exclusively the King’s responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility: government institutions, parliament, elected bodies, as well as political, economic and trade union actors, civil society organizations, the media and all citizens”.
To sum up, the king’s speech was a caution message for the parliament members; Being elected means that they hold in their hands the trust of millions of Moroccans who needs to see some concrete results in both the national and the international level.

الثلاثاء 15 أكتوبر 2013

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