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The Marchica project : creating opportunities


Sara Tahiri Jouti

The Marchica project : creating opportunities

On Saturday December 1st, His Majesty the King Mohammed VI chaired the presentation ceremony for the Marchica lagoon project. Conceived within His Majesty’s plan for encouraging sustainable development in the country, the Marchica lagoon is set to have a preponderant effect on the national economy with, yet, a significant focus on the ecological benefit of the project.

First conceived with a prior consultation of the local inhabitants, the project of Marchica envisions the creation of a platform dedicated to develop the region of Nador on the economic, environmental and touristic aspects. The goal is to make a giant resort covering an area of 2,000 ha and a length of 25 km that will generate 15,000 jobs (4700 direct and 10,300 indirect) during the construction phase and about 65,000 jobs, including more than 30,000 direct and 35,000 indirect once the project is completed.

This project also involves the construction of three natural parks dedicated to ornithological works, which make of them the biggest parks of their kind in the Mediterranean basin. As for the creation of a model for sustainable development, with its high environmental requirements, the proposed development site of Marchica will actively be involved in the preservation of the important ecological heritage of the Kingdom and the Mediterranean basin
It is fathomable that the site of Marchica will act like a lever for economic and social development in the region of the Oriental and the urban center of the city of Nador. This will ignite a pulse of socio-economic takeoff for Morocco, especially in the northern regions of the Rif and the Oriental. It will also have a positive impact on the urban development of the region as it provides an opportunity to reduce costs and spending by the local authorities involved in the development of infrastructure, equipment and urbanization. At the same time, it will ensure stable sources of self-funding and substantial revenues, which are likely to ensure the region’s financial independence and expand investment opportunities.

Finally, this project will help preserve the natural heritage and landscape of the site of the lagoon and will be developed in the context of a coherent territorial control, for the promotion of sustainable urban planning and the creation of a citizen friendly environment.

In conclusion, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, by initiating this project in 2008 and chairing its presentation and initiating its work on December 1st 2012, the Greater Nador sees its urban configuration totally changed to become a popular tourist destination of national and international tourism which can compete with the big resorts of the Mediterranean while preserving the ecological wealth of the region.

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