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Morocco in the center of Gaza


Zineb Louh

Morocco in the center of Gaza
The King Mohammed VI, head of the Al-Quds Committee, ordered last Sunday the immediate establishment of a Moroccan field hospital in the Gaza strip.

On that bloody day, the Palestinian authorities reported the assassination of twenty five Palestinians, mostly women and children, by the Israeli airstrikes. Indeed, on Sunday the number of the people killed by the Israeli forces was the highest one recorded since the beginning of their military attacks toward the Gaza strip on Wednesday.

Following those sad events, king Mohammed VI who has the Palestinians in the center of his priorities, reacted instantaneously and ordered for the establishment of a field hospital in Gaza as the spokesman of the Royal palace, Mr. Abdelhak Lamrini clearly stated: “Following the recent tragic events in the Gaza strip and in accordance with the spirit of solidarity driving all components of the Moroccan Nation towards the brotherly Palestinian people, HM King Mohammed VI gave his orders to immediately set up a Moroccan field hospital in the Gaza strip”

This multidisciplinary medical-surgical field hospital will be implemented in coordination with the Palestinian authorities, and will have both armed forces and civilians, as Mr. Lamrini acknowledged: “the hospital will be composed of specialized medical units of the Royal Armed Forces, as well as Moroccan civilian physicians and paramedics”. Totally devoted to the help of the Palestinians, the Moroccan field hospital will be established in order to provide all the medical assistance that is necessary for the victims of the Israeli raids.

Through this initiative, the head of Al-Quds Committee is expressing all the empathy the Moroccans have for their brothers the Palestinians. Those attacks were denounced by several Arab countries, yet what the population really needs is actions such as those undergone by the Moroccan king. In facts, the Palestinians are in urgent need of humanitarian helps. Hence, this is a call for all the Arab rulers to take example and start acting as soon as possible in the name of those poor Palestinian victims.

الاثنين 12 نونبر 2012

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