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Global Youth Development Index Update Report 2023


The Youth Development Index 2023 report, published during the Commonwealth Year of Youth and for the 50th anniversary of the Commonwealth Youth Programme, will support policy-makers, governments and the public to reflect on progress made over more than a decade, and to develop new strategies for strengthening the enabling environment for youth empowerment. The results in each of the domain areas provide insights into where to invest in co-creating with young people innovative and sustainable solutions for a common future.

The 2023 report updates the data for indicators previously selected and validated by a YDI Technical Group of Experts comprising representatives from governments, development organisations, youth networks, and research and academic institutions. The methodology, outlined in Annex 1, remains unchanged since the 2020 report, which means this update is comparable with previous iterations of the index.

The report provides an interim update on the state of youth development up to 2022, reflecting the most up-to-date comparable data available. This means that it cannot account fully for changes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic is still emerging and needs to be further assessed at national and regional levels before it can be assessed comparatively across the globe.

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