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A Strong Punch to Separatists by the Caribbean Countries


Under The King’s Mohammed VI commands, May God Assist him, a Moroccan multisectorial mission is touring several Caribbean countries for a week since last Tuesday, has reported Maghreb Arab Press agency. Led by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation, its main objective is to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Morocco and Caribbean region through a sustainable cooperation and a regular holding of the Annual Forum “Maroc-Caraibe”.
As a response to his Majesty’s initiative, the Prime Ministers of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Lucia, the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Bahamas expressed their gratitude to His Majesty the King Mohammed VI for his concern and continual support to the Caribbean region.
Furthermore, the ministers did not miss the occasion to reiterate their support to the negotiation process launched in 2007 by the Kingdom under the auspices of the United Nations in favor of the Autonomy Plan of the Moroccan Sahara; a plan described by several countries during the last UN Assembly as the MOST Peaceful and safest solution regarding the Sahara Conflict. In this Context, they declared their severance to any kind of relationship with the “RASD” during the last 2 years and decided consequently to freeze their recognition to the”RASD” meanwhile, looking forward for the outcome of the negotiation process. Also, in a joint statement signed by Ms Maxime Mc Clean, render thanks were underlined by the representative of those six countries to the Moroccan Delegation for communicating the last developments of the Sahara matters.
Finally, The Prime Ministers of the Caribbean Region have signed a “roadmap” focusing on strengthening the legal framework, the promotion of technical cooperation in the fields of drinking water, rural electrification, air transport and tourism, further training in institutions of higher education in addition to vocational training and contribution to the socio-economic development projects, focusing on agriculture in particular.

Zineb Louh

الاربعاء 13 فبراير 2013

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